2021: The Year Of Aligned Health

Wow... 2021 is creeping up on us so fast! One of the funniest memes on socials I have seen recently is this...

There is that thing that New Year's Eve forces upon us all to evaluate what has been and what is to come. We set ourselves up for bettering ourselves and situations, often with goals that gear us up for nothing but additional stress and anxiety. This is not to say we shouldn't be setting goals in life, we absolutely should, purpose is what gets us out of bed. But at our own expense? Definitely, not!

However, as for terms and conditions...

These are yours to set!

2020 in many ways has been an eleven-month New Year's Eve. We promised ourselves we would do everything from learning a new language (it was Italian for me!), to setting up a home gym and starting side-hustle online businesses. All of these efforts have produced a variety of results. For the record, when I get to Italy eventually, I won't be able to get you all that far, but I can ask the all important question, "How are you?"

So... "Come stai?"

Really... "Come stai?"

Spend this summer asking yourself that. Search deep down. Interesting fact - we have four 'bodies'. Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual. Set aside some time to think about it. If this works for you, take four pieces of paper - one for each 'body'- and journal how you are feeling on each level. Ask yourself: -

  • What feels good?

  • What is lacking?

  • Where and how are you experiencing this?

Then the most important question to ask yourself is:-

What will it take to be in aligned health?

Do not put yourself under the pressure of finding an immediate answer. December 31 is not a deadline. After all, how many investments pay out immediately? The short answer, NONE! Any journey takes one step at a time - and many are far from linear.

Achieving aligned health is a lifestyle. Lifestyles are born from habit. And while habits can be created in as little as 3 days, they can up to 30 days to break. So, as you take the time to focus on the above questions and thinking about the habits you wish to break or create to achieve aligned health, remove the stress and anxiety (an immediate benefit to your mental health!) by remembering the following:-

  • Always be kind to yourself - speak to yourself as you would to your pet, child or best friend!

  • Break down goals into smaller achievable outcomes

  • You haven't failed if you are trying

  • It is okay to re-evaluate and adapt goals when needed

  • Don't quit - just rest until you are ready to come back

  • Congratulate yourself on each achievement

  • Your journey is unique to you - don't compete with anyone else

  • Don't set your goals to other's benchmarks or expectations - again, this is your journey - do it your way!

Write some of these on your mirror in lipstick or stick them under a magnet on your fridge to keep them front of mind while you navigate yourself to aligned health!

So, here is the 'fine print'. I'm not going to lie - self reflection can be in equal measures a positive and negative experience. It can bring many emotions to the surface, yet also provide a sense of purpose and clarity.

Sometimes, we can look at ourselves and not know where to start - THIS IS NORMAL & OKAY! Sometimes, we realise we need a little help - THIS IS NORMAL & OKAY!

Should you or someone you know feel this way, please reach out. With reference to Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs and the use of Solution Focused techniques, I can work with you as you navigate your personal journey toward aligned health. For further information, please call, email or send a DM.

Well wishes for a safe and healthy 2021,

Claire Tolley @ The Health & Wellbeing Haven

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