The 'Mother' Load

Happy International Women's Day!

I would love to take this opportunity to celebrate motherhood in the 21st century. The Health & Wellbeing Haven was built on the foundation of helping strengthen the mental and emotional health of parents and caregivers as they navigate their unique journey.

So, what does being MUM mean to you?

How many hats do mothers today wear?

Why does it seem more challenging than generations before us?

All these questions and more come to mind when we explore motherhood today. Motherhood in the 21st century is a wonderful spectrum from Stay-At-Home-Mums to Full-Time-Working-Mums and every category in between. Older Generation X mums were the early heroes in the rise of working Mums throughout the 1980s and 1990s, handing the reign to their younger counterparts and the next generation to create a new normal.

However, whether we work for an income or not, Motherhood itself has grown exponentially alongside our other accomplishments in recent years. As we raise Millennial and Generation I children, we are faced with so many new challenges and a bigger world to nurture them through.

So, how do we make it all fit? It is a juggling act unique to each Mum. Sometimes, we can not help but to compare ourselves to others, but we are champions. Champions for our children and families, champions for our friends and other mothers.

How much we are able to juggle can vary on a day to day basis. Some days are full of picture perfect memories, love and laughter, others are a hard slog from the moment our children crawl into bed with us in the wee small hours. So, how are we able to be these amazing women conquering our worlds? By looking after ourselves first!

For many of us, this can feel very selfish. However, what if I told you it wasn't? What if it was the perfect tool-kit to ensure you are able to be the best version of yourself for your family, every day?

In the same mantra that an apple a day keeps the doctor away,

what if I told you,

Ten minutes of self-care a day, keeps burnout at bay.

There is no reward for pushing ourselves too far in the name of work, children or life. All our balls will come crashing down around us. Self-care is easily accessible and often free. While we all deserve a great massage or facial, these are treats more than they are self care. So, how and where can you find these ten minutes? At any time of the day! Here are some tips as to where to find the ten (or more!) and what to do to keep yourself in optimal health and wellbeing.

  • Keep a water bottle close by to stay hydrated, sipping on it throughout the day

  • Every hour or so, step away from your computer and move around or stretch

  • Turn all screens off half an hour or so before you go to bed for a better nights sleep

  • Limit or eliminate caffeine after 3pm

  • When you feel like your stress or anxiety levels rise, close your eyes and take three deep breaths - breathe in for four seconds, hold briefly, release.

  • Prepare and pack a healthy lunch for yourself when you pack for the kids.

  • Have breakfast, no matter how light - this will help prevent snacking or binge eating.

  • Take a small walk - if time does not permit for exercise, seek alternates like walking to the train or bus.

  • Eat your lunch away from what stresses you - go outside for fresh air if you can.

  • Pick up a book instead of a device.

There are so many different small habits that can become second nature that contribute to strong emotional and mental wellbeing. Most importantly, I invite you to find two things today to help you celebrate being a wonderful woman and mother -

  1. Something to be grateful for

  2. Something you did that you are proud of

Today I am grateful for those who enable and support me to be the best mother I can be, including my number one - who at nearly 9 years old, has been my greatest educator. Today I am proud to be building a business with the sole purpose of helping others.

Happy International Women's Day - take your unique 'mother load' one step at a time and celebrate all the amazing things that you do no matter how big or small.

Well Wishes

Claire @ The Health & Wellbeing Haven

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