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When I decided on a career change toward becoming a counsellor, my inspiration was drawn from a different purpose to where I am today. A few months back, I completed additional studies in Mindfulness. During these studies, a light bulb turned on for me! As I started to implement some mindfulness into my daily life, I saw change. Subtle, yet exciting changes.

What excited me the most was to see how my relationship with my son grew deeper and more understanding. It was following a moment where I paused before choosing a different response to the usual frustration with amazing results that the idea was born..

Mindful Mums


Parenting in the 21st century is more challenging than for generations before us. We have less time with our families as we are switched on most if not all of the time. In an era where we search the web for answers and solutions, we meet qualified wonders such as Maggie Dent, mixed in with advice of others less helpful, who work hard to make it look all too easy.

These external and internal pressures can rob us of the joy of parenting. The ability of just being there with our child in the moment, seeing the world as they see it!

I have created Mindful Mums as an online community. Just as is the motto for The Health & Wellbeing Haven - this community is The Safe Space To Nurture Your Whole Self.

Each week I will introduce a different aspect of mindfulness and how this can be practiced in your daily life. I invite you to explore it all and more. Some parts will resonate, others won't. That is what I expect. We are all unique, our children are unique! The dynamics between parents and children vary even within the one household. Cookie cutting solutions rarely work in parenting. The purpose of this group is COMMUNITY. A community of like-minded souls who are walking down a path of growth.

I look forward to hosting Q&A sessions, live meditations, sharing everything from ideas to recipes, love to laughs and most of all SUCCESS stories. I am also in the process of developing mini-retreats to be hosted throughout the year.

I've had the pleasure of working with Olenna @ Happy Seed Yoga & Life in Coogee, WA, who has done an awesome job in building content for our Mindful Movement week. Her contribution to building this community is invaluable. For more information about Olenna's business or to find a great yoga instructor, visit www.facebook.com/happyseedyogalife

Tomorrow (Tuesday, 5th Jan), I will be online talking about the basics of Mindfulness-

Intent, Attitude & Gratitude

I can't wait to meet you all. Please share and invite anyone you think would benefit from our community, or get in touch with me for further information.

Well wishes

Claire @ The Health & Wellbeing Haven

0438 198 949