Who Are You? The Shaping Of Identity As A Parent

Throughout the course of our lives we are titled and tagged with various identifiers. From being someone's daughter, grand-daughter, sister, cousin or friend, these labels act as puzzle pieces identifying who we are as we develop and age. As we mature, define our values and find our purpose, we add and remove labels that no longer serve us.

By the time we are thinking of embarking on the journey of parenthood, we have a fair idea and are more confident of who we are and how we choose to live our lives. At this stage we are again moulding our identity to now fit the tags associated with our expectations of parenting.

It is not uncommon for parenting to be a world away from your expectations in both beautiful and difficult ways. This can lead to you being a different parent to how you envisioned yourself at the beginning of your journey, occurring at any time, from the newborn stage, through to grand-parenting.

Is this common?


Does this identity crisis have an impact on your emotional and mental health?


Is there help out there to bridge the gap?


For some, the change can be a welcome blessing, creating freedoms and taking away those aspects of their lives that no longer served them. For others, it is tricky, creating the sense of feeling lost in your own world.

At The Health & Wellbeing Haven I understand each individual's journey is unique to them.

One of my favourite analogies to help understand identity as a parent stems from the old adage - We are all in the same boat. Unfortunately, this saying is a disservice to all. However, it births a grander idea to imagine parents are the captain of their own vessel on the Pacific Ocean. Some parents may be captaining ships in a safe first world harbour. Others may be on a tug boat, navigating the icy coast of Alaska, and some may be on rafts in Vanuatu or dinghies battling tropical rain in Far North Queensland.

All of a sudden as we transpose this vision to our own lives, we are not just 'Mum'. We are 'Mum of' or 'Mum with' or 'A something Mum'. We are all equipped differently based on our 'vessel and crew' to navigate our journey. This is where The Health & Wellbeing Haven can help you. If you find that your personal journey has brought up feelings of anxiety, stress or grief and loss associated with being a parent, we can work together to create a plan, enabling you to harness what you have available to help you navigate your way back to YOU.

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Well Wishes,