Your Family & Love Languages - LIVE & FREE!

Over the years, I've had countless conversations with parents at all stages about various family and relationship issues, that seemed to be underpinned by a common thread. Lack of Understanding...

One of the most common lines I hear from exacerbated parents is 'It's like I'm speaking a foreign language!' What if I told you, YOU ARE! We all know that you are speaking English, however what if I told you that what you speak and what you hear are also different languages?

Many of you may have already hear of the FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. However, what you may not realise is that each person has their own sending love language and often a different receiving love language?

What benefits do you see happening if you understood not only your own love languages more intimately, but those of each of your family members, too? Understanding these and adapting your own communication style to allow for this has many positive impacts on you and your family -

  • Improved Empathy & Understanding

  • Less Frustration

  • More clarity in communication

  • Less misunderstandings

  • Less tension

  • Stronger emotional regulation

  • Fewer disagreements

  • Easier resolution

  • Increased validation

These benefits scratch the surface of the potential your family has to nurture stronger, empathetic connections.

Be ready TOMORROW - Tuesday 11th May @ 12.30pm AWST.

Click the link below to secure your free space today. Spaces are limited as I would like to host a Q & A session at the end. Please have your questions ready and feel free to email them to me ahead of the session.

See you tomorrow,

Well Wishes

Claire @ The Health & Wellbeing Haven

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